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Great news – Oh goody.

Dear Deirdre, is a famous agony Aunt who writes for the UK Sun.  The mail bag is famous;  “and you’ve been caught in flagrante on the desk wearing some suspenders “, then the Sun’s Deirdre Sanders is for you.

Now we have the Australian version – Dear Dreary.   Yes children, it’s true; back, by popular demand, the world’s greatest aviation safety analyst.  You can see why when you read through the P2 post, the brilliant, original, insightful thinking of one of the foremost doyens of the Beyond all Reason methodology.

Is it modesty which prevents you from posting comment on the Dear Dreary boards?  You can see how a torrent of compliments and demands for more of the brilliant, dynamic insights into accident investigation would distract the mighty analyst from his sworn mission; to meet the world wide demand for his very own ‘beyond all reason’ system of accident investigation.

There are of course those who would gainsay this.  The tendentious bloggers who will ask silly questions, make comment and decry the ‘Beyond Reason’ model.  They will cite all manner of accident and incident investigations which they falsely claim are aberrations.  The Australian Senate in Parliament committee which was critical of Dreary, the methods used and the lack of clarity were of course misinformed and led a stray by those miscreants who disagreed.  In response to those baseless, tendentious accusations and just to prove, categorically, once and for all that the ‘Dreary Beyond Reason’ method is flawless, one investigation is being revisited.  Rumour has it the great man may condescend to write the report himself; won’t that be grand children?

I shall make it my mission in life to visit  –  – every day; so I may be fully informed and read the great mans words.

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Minnie, fetch that bucket – I have great need of it.