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Off the AuntyPru boards today there is a general sentiment from the IOS that enough is enough and it is time the Minister and the Government extracted their heads from the sand, showed some leadership and sorted the shambolic, diabolical state of affairs of oversight & regulation of aviation safety in this country.

First from Sandy via new AuntyPru thead – SKIDMORE GONE!:

The Board of CASA has not outwardly shown any leadership that would give hope for reform. The unfolding disaster continues. What is not apparent is why did Skidmore go? Was the Board instrumental? In which case they have belatedly taken a bold step in the right direction. The given reason by Skidmore of his departure, “personal,” is entirely unsatisfactory as is the Board’s unstinting praise of his work. I think we as citizens, taxpayers and aviation industry participants are entitled to know why he has left, whether asked and by whom or gone of his own volition. We are also entitled to know how much pay he has enjoyed and how much will he take as he walks.

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The train is wrecked and the train driver extricates himself from the wreckage and grabs a pile of cash from the caboose. As he wanders off the Minister for Transport and the Board of Management (assembled at a distance) say “cheerio, good job thanks.” The Minister and entourage leave the scene with a wink and nod towards the injured, the paramedics and gathered public. The fact that the tracks were ballasted with soggy bundles of outdated regulations will be reported as the cause, for which no one was responsible, ‘down the track’ say in six or seven years time.

Next from KC & the AMROBA clan 😉

Fresh off the KC keyboardTongue

Quote:[Image: DAS-Gone-800x397.jpg]

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DAS Gone – The Cycle Continues

August 28, 2016August 28, 2016Ken Cannane0 Comment

DAS Gone – Again



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Next from the RAAA three days ago via OzFlying:

Hot off the Yaffa press Wink


RAAA urges New Effort in Reform Progress
26 August 2016

The Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA) has called on the government to renew its efforts in reforming the CASA and to take positive action to harmonise Australia’s aviation safety regulations with the rest of the world.

The call comes in in the wake of last week’s damning CASA customer satisfaction survey and the subsequent resignation of CASA CEO Mark Skidmore.

Quote:It is obvious that CASA needs to pick up its game

“With the announcement yesterday of the resignation of CASA’s Director of Aviation Safety, Mark Skidmore AM, the RAAA sees it as essential that the CASA Board moves as quickly as possible to appoint an appropriately qualified successor to carry out the necessary reforms within CASA,” the RAAA said in a statement released on Friday.

“The RAAA called for a new deal for Australia’s aviation industry in light of the poor results of an independent stakeholder relationship survey conducted on the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).”

RAAA Chairman Jim Davis, commenting on the survey results, said that action was needed to prevent the recommendations of the Aviation Safety Regulation Review (ASRR) from falling by the wayside.

“It is obvious that CASA needs to pick up its game,” Davis said. “It is now over 18 months since the ASRR report was adopted by the government but CASA has a long way to go in achieving its objectives.

“The Government now needs to take action to ensure that the ASRR report’s recommendations are effectively implemented and haven’t been turned into just another bureaucratic box ticking exercise.”

The RAAA statement urged the government to review the progress of reforms stemming from the ASRR and to “direct CASA to harmonise Australia’s aviation safety regulations with overseas jurisdictions by removing the current red tape and unfair restrictions to competition suffered by Australian industry.”

The full RAAA statement can be read on the link below.

RAAA Statement 26 August 2016

Read more at…bRiE5T5.99

Finally the AAAA’s Phil Hurst via the Australian – reference: Yes Minister the numbers don’t lie

Survey shows industry’s deep loathing for CASA.

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Phil Hurst says CASA has ‘a major management problem with transparency and accountability’.
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…Aerial Application Association of Australia chief executive Phil Hurst said the survey was a “fundamental confirmation of how broken CASA still is”.

“That is a damning indictment of CASA’s management and its inability to act decisively on yet another comprehensive review of its shortcomings,” Mr Hurst said.

“If anyone in business received this sort of feedback from clients they would either be out of business or doing everything within their power to claw back their reputation and trust.

“CASA is doing neither. CASA still has a major management problem with transparency, accountability and in developing ways to work positively with industry to create win-win scenarios.”

Mr Hurst said CASA needed to invert its philosophy to help industry be better, rather than forcing unworkable regulations that were crippling it with onerous costs.

“Someone at CASA — either the board or the minister — must step up and address these fundamental shortcomings urgently. AAAA strongly supports the minister and the board acting decisively to address the ongoing dysfunctionality of our aviation regulator,” he said.

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