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P2 – 10. In the months ahead, the Investigation Team will need to analyse to draw conclusions and safety recommendations based on the factual information that have been gathered.

In addition to the analysis and the conclusion phase of the investigation, steps taken will also include further validation of the factual information on emergence of new evidence.

Read the above statement again; carefully. Sound familiar – Seems to me PAIN called the end game scenario for MH 370 fairly well, certainly from the Australian point of view anyway. Looking through the latest on Paper-li the inevitable fall out and bucket of crap that was always heading in Australia’s direction looks to be getting set up to dump on the Minuscule, despite the debates and window dressing. We are left to wonder now if the carefully staged managed exit strategy can withstand the blast. Anyone who understands the way thing work could see all this coming last year. Politics will always trump the public interest, everyday. If the purblind, naive Australian government believes for one moment that the Malaysians will not use any and all means possible to keep the family skeletons firmly concealed, then they need a new tea leaf reader. The only question for Australia now is how complicit can they afford to be seen to be, damage control in full swing.

Slatts, P777 and good number of the other associates make a compelling argument for some form of ‘criminal’ act. Given the narrow range of investigative ‘hard’ options, the resources, the level of intelligence gathering made available and the powers of the Malaysian government, it’s a bollocks to keep claiming ‘mystery’. Someone, somewhere knows exactly what happened; the why, where and how of it. Considering there is not, as yet, a wreck to examine, you have to wonder if the obfuscation is just a play for time. Time to dim the memory and public interest; time to allow the unpalatable truths to be filtered, manipulated and diluted to a point where the shock can do minimal political, fiscal and emotional damage. A gift from a caring, humane government, if you like. Remember, the Australian government had no scruple to do exactly this and more with the Pel-Air crash investigation, so why on earth should MH 370 be different for the Malaysians?.

Along side the theories and those desperately trying to convince the world that ‘their’ pet version is the ‘right’ version, the questions keep coming don’t they though. But is there is a supportable case for a stand away and rethink? – probably not; it won’t be allowed. Not with the public pressure and interest waning. Anyway – who would have faith in a Malaysian ‘inquiry’, even if they should live long enough to see the result?

The press are of little value; I have never read so much rehashed clap trap. Every media outlet redrafting the same tired, sad story. Social media squabbling over the carefully controlled, quietly released crumbs and developing evermore bizarre theories; assumption upon assumption, nary a whisper of ‘fact’ or in some cases even the truth. Apart from the inestimable Sir Tim, no one has challenged the ‘official’ line. In the recently published interview/article, – HERE – for mine (and PAIN) money he asks all the right questions and; between the lines, provides, subliminally, most of the right answers. Unanimously acknowledged as ‘the man’. Bravo Tim Clark…

P2 – “However for mine the most pertinent part of the Irving offering comes in the last five paragraphs and brings my post full cycle i.e. to the woolly Mammoth steadily gaining weight at the back of the room.”

Amen to that: ET may well have done it; but it’s a dollar to a pound of Kangaroo pooh Vlad Putin didn’t knock it off. But someone who has been very naughty has capitalised very nicely on the preconditioned, predictable response from government and human nature. However it plays out, like the Mt Erubus, and Lockhart river accidents, the ghosts will not be easily laid to rest, despite the best efforts of those stage managing this farce. Mind you, Dolan and his word weasels, in cahoots with the Malaysian version have yet to set to work.

Got a BRB competition running; to see who can get the coup de grâce exit strategy and excuse story closest to date and word perfect. PAIN wise owls are holding the bets and copy, so, when the time is right, we’ll let the BRB panel decide a winner, drink the wagers then relegate MH 370 to cruise conversation; until someone is prepared to reveal the real reasons, defining how and why a 777 was disappeared, without a trace.

Unbelievable?  – Yes children, that’s right, it most certainly is.