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Vexillology a scientific study of flags; what a lovely word; Vexillology.  As a younger “K” sailing ocean racing boats and having a natural interest in matters maritime, flags, much like stamps were welcome a rainy day diversion; books permitting.  Part of the fun being a ‘Mod’ for AP is monitoring the statistics; time permitting.  ‘We’ don’t make much fuss about the ‘numbers’, although they are gratifying and we don’t count the MH 370 clicks in; as they don’t really belong to us; not our story, happy to scratch the odd curiosity bump itch for it is indeed a fascinating tale, but, not all our own work, I’m certain you understand.

Anyway, back to the flags; the stats read out for the humble AP tells us where folks are when they visit, Israel is a regular flag as is Taiwan and even China.  One I did not recognise today, Bahrain.  Fascinating; and, when a spare moment presents, it is most interesting to study the symbolism of those flags; the national culture, religious holidays and the general way of folk who dwell, love and work in the far reaches of the world; cleaning dog pooh off their boots, same as us; cursing the traffic; same as us; damning the government; same as us – just in a different language (yes that includes American).

It always amazes me, the bond between those with an interest in ‘matters aeronautical’; no matter where in the world they are; a shared passion, a care for all forms of air transport, passengers and interest getting the job done, properly, often in difficult, perhaps ‘dangerous’ circumstances.

I am requested, required and happy to say a thank you to the 30,000 visitors to our small blog; and, to those who have now provided over 165,000 ‘views’ of the forum and as many ‘hits’ again to the blog.  Our friends on ‘Twitter’ are included for the ‘retweets’ and ‘favourites’   We have Capt. P2 to thank for that.

Anyway – February to August is six months, the auguries are good for another six.  Whoever and where ever you are, thanks for the support and contributions to the site from Aunty Pru; ‘the IOS’, BRB, PAIN and of course, the Mod Squad….. Big Grin

Toot toot.