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Judas Iscariot was, according to the New Testament, one of the twelve original disciples of Jesus Christ, and son of Simon Iscariot. He is known for the kiss and betrayal of Jesus to the Sanhedrin for thirty silver coins. His name is often invoked to accuse someone of betrayal.   Though there are varied accounts of his death, the traditional version sees him as having hanged himself following the betrayal.

Aye, at least Judas, one of the great betrayers had the common decency to hang himself afterwards.

The mindless, work shopped propaganda published in the Australian, by Creedy this morning, without even a comment from any of the alphabet groups, constitutes one of the greatest disappointments in my time on this planet.  It is a despicable, shameful web of spin, disinformation, deception and deceit.

Overt support for Part 61 betrays the Abbott government and makes a mockery of ‘red-tape’ reduction.

Overt support for Part 61 betrays the Senate inquiry and it’s recommendations.

Overt support for Part 61 betrays the Rev. Forsyth and renders his report and industry stated position inutile.

Overt support for Part 61 betrays the industry, completely, utterly and vindictively.

But, for me the real heartbreak is that ‘we’ all had such high hopes of Skidmore; seems to me has willingly betrayed that trust, destroyed the faith and cynically decimated the hopes for reform we placed in his care.

Milord’s, Ladies and Gentlemen, you are invited to witness, in your life time, the destruction of an industry, willfully executed by those sworn to the task.

Only the Board or, perhaps the Senate can save parts of the industry now from a slow, painful end, but the gods know how little impact their collective efforts have had so far.

Aye:  Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

MTF when I sort out hell’s own furies and other assorted daemons.  I still cannot believe I read that article properly or that this industry is going to roll over and let it slide away.

Selah –