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Karen Casey has, once again, been doing her homework. Whether or not ICAO can actually do ‘something’ about the Pel-Air controversy, or the manipulated Australian safety system which thus far has escaped all accountability despite almost 70 serious, far reaching recommendations made by the Senate, an independent government sponsored inquiry, a peer review by the Canadian TSBC and now, by the Commonwealth Ombudsman, calling for major changes to that system.

Bet a dollar McComic did not bring up this topic; it may have made him retch though.

Australia changed its law so as to fit with the Montreal Convention including in some of the following ways
 the removal of references to ‘personal injury’ and replaced with ‘bodily injury’ under the CACL Act[8] to ensure consistency with the 1999 Montreal Convention concerning international flights;
 the preclusion of potential claimants from claiming compensation for mental injuries where that person has not suffered additional personal or property damage[8]
Independent Australian senator Nick Xenophon will introduce a private member’s bill into the Australian Parliament in May 2015 which will seek to protect the rights of plane crash survivors to be compensated for psychological trauma.[6]

Leading Australian current affairs TV show 4 Corners on the government owned broadcaster ABC,[9] broadcast a program[10] focusing on the unfairness and injustice of excluding psychiatric injury on March 23, 2015 featuring Karen Casey, a nurse injured when the medical evacuation flight she was nursing on crashed in the waters off Norfolk Island.

Link – HERE

Despite the delays and window dressing nothing of significance has happened either to prevent a reoccurrence of the accident which crippled Karen; or, to control those responsible for the infamous ATSB report into the incident.  See both excellent 4 Corners reports from the ABC.   From – NEWS – .

Thanks ICAO for giving it mention, and well done to leave McComic out of the game; one final challenge left – please, before there is a serious, preventable Australian accident; try to get the attention of the Minuscule responsible and convince him that there are some very real problems, which he and only he has the power to resolve.