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RE: Forsyth report – IOS monitoring of progress??
Ken and the fellahin.

“CASA’s Mark Skidmore has rejuvenated industry representatives at the SCC meeting, 31st March. His opening speech at the SCC has provided industry with some confidence that this CASA will be a different CASA to the last 2 regimes.”

This reflects two of the many skirmishes Skidmore must have before joining the main campaign and strategically they are critical, for they weaken the opposition. Reliable sources inform us that Skidmore had a ‘must attend’ meeting @1500 that day and was obliged to leave early, furry muff, and as Ken says, there was a feeling of confidence left in the Skidmore wake. The moment his back was turned, out came the GWM slithering about the place, poisoning wells and preaching sedition, not mind you, that they did themselves much good. I dare say Skidmore would have heard about all it and has the would be sappers identified. It’s nice when they provide the ordinance for future actions.

“Working groups, who CASA has used to bypass the Sub-committees, are usually specialists who are biased to the subject of the working group and their recommendations may, or may not be beneficial to the wider community.”

Ken nails down the Fifth column, those with a vested financial and political interest in keeping industry ‘experts’ as far from the coal face as possible. Back in the day, when we occasionally had a minister who gave a toss, the progress made in true reform was notable; now that progress is only notable by it’s absence. Perhaps another sign that Skidmore has identified yet another rats nest which the GWM desperately wants to maintain.

Skates has really only two options, it is a healthy, working “relationship” (for wont of better) with the industry which generates the golden eggs; or an unholy alliance with the forces of evil. Mate, we outnumber them, outgun them and we will not be patting your back to find a nice soft spot to slip the knife in. There are some first class white hats within CASA, look in the broom cupboards and the dark places in the basement where they hide; bit of daylight in the dark corners and they willingly will join the fray.

As the Sheikh accurately observes, the Senate was poorly advised, deliberately mislead in 2008 and were lured into helping set traps for Byron. Somehow, I just don’t see a repeat performance from the current Senate crew. The Senators have been a great asset to industry, they are fully briefed and well informed. Not only do they have the confidence and trust of industry, they appear to have had a belly full of the outrageous behaviour of the ATSB management, ASA management and CASA management. Skidmore appears to have earned their approval, this plus industry backing should, if he catches the pass, give him a clear run to the touchline.

Lets hope he don’t trip over his own boot laces or get fouled in the run, watch out for wabbits though, they can trip a bloke, easy as wink. Aye, there’s many a slip twixt crouch and stirrup.

Selah….Aunt Pru Forum.