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#46 – 24. 05.15.  ASA on centre stage for 90 minutes at 2130.  If you were a Senator, where would you start?  I mean FFS.  We could start with a prayer of thanks to the ATCO who despite all odds, turn up every day and manage to keep aircraft separated.  But what goes on above that level and beneath the Houston radar has to be one of the greatest travesties in Australian history.  Perhaps the scant 90 minutes could be used to mount an appeal to Houston.  “Oi, Angus, sort this bloody management shambles out – Please, for pities sake”.   Maybe the BRB can draft it, save a shed load of time.

Well, the BRB ‘settling up’ night draws near; it always takes a while for the repercussions to fall out of the woodwork.  Clearly, those who bet on ‘Houston’ stepping and actually doing something about not only the clearly identified, established rorts and obscene amounts paid to those who apparently see this behaviour as a ‘perk’, part of the job.  It would be a little more palatable if the ‘job’ was done properly; or even an attempt made to justify why the job is so much more difficult in Australia than it is in other countries.

Despite the unheeded shellacking in the press, driven by Dick Smith; regardless of the awkward, embarrassing moments in estimates and disregarding a front page call for Angus to get his finger out and bring a semblance of control to his apple cart, bring it back under some sort of decent restraint; there is solid silence.  Not a peep, not a chirp. Perhaps the notion of actually earning the fee paid to chairpersons and board members is just too risible to contemplate.

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before. (Poe).

Anyway – the bets made will be honoured, but winning such a wager is a cold comfort to those who hoped for better from the ASA.  No matter we can all clutch our courage badges as we stare at the poster depicting the vision splendid, as ASA management see it.  That bloody cartoon poster just about sums it up, don’t it?.


“O coward conscience, how dost thou afflict me!”


Follow up post from P2 (NB: With compliments to that man Higgins again – Big Grin )


P7: Snipe for tonight, irresistible.

Hey, P2: – one of your favourite journalists is under fire from a UP troll.  Seems his reporting is to be denigrated by the resident experts, inaccurate, according to ASA who have decorously not screamed this from the roof tops.  It is worth looking at the track record of the ‘slagger’; 616 post in 12 years – content? – well, do your own home work.  Still it’s only on the UP, so no one in the real world gives a toss.  Higgins could and probably would, if the mood moved him, box his silly ears.  Where do they get these people, those who cannot write a letter to the editor of the Australian, or even a UP o’gram to concisely point out the alleged ‘flaws’ and force a retraction.  UP trolls, not only dopey, but gutless.

QSK’s intimate knowledge of the inner workings of ASA (& especially the Executive) always did strike me as ‘passing strange’?? Now the QSK assertion of journalistic embellishment, on the level of trough gorging going on by the ASA Executive Management team, seems to have fallen on deaf MMSM ears..err..that man Higgins again… Big Grin :

Senators agog at $800,000 air bonuses for Airservices Australia

[Image: ean_higgins.png]

Labor and Coalition senators have voiced concerns about a spike in the salary and bonus pool for senior executives at Airservices Australia, with one calling for an independent audit.

The move follows revelations in The Australian this week that fewer than a dozen executives had their salary pool expanded by more than 40 per cent last finan­cial year to nearly $4 million, and within that the bonus pool increased by 60 per cent to nearly $800,000.

The senators also expressed concern at a decision by Airservices to not report a credit card travel rort fraud to police, despite being warned last year that failure to do so could constitute a criminal offence.

Airservices claims the massive rises in the senior executive salary pool between 2012-13 and 2013-14 reflected changes to the composition of the executive team, and an evening-out of an earlier dip in remuneration.

Airservices initially claimed the average rise in “remuneration” was 2.25 per cent, but under further questioning yesterday admitted this only covered base salary.

With the rise in bonuses, it now claims total average remuneration rose by 5.2 per cent.
Airservices has refused to provide a full breakdown of the executive salary and bonus increases to allow its claims to be tested.

It has also not confirmed or denied inside information reaching The Australian that several senior executives who are not based at Airservices headquarters in Canberra are on travel allowances beyond their salaries of the order of $90,000.

But a spokesman said: “Airservices is a national organisation with significant operations in all capital cities.”

Labor senator Glenn Sterle called for an independent audit, saying: “Someone has to be ­accountable.”

His colleague Alex Gallacher said Airservices had a mono­poly on provision of air traffic control across the nation. “To get a bonus in all this is extraordinary,” Senator Gallacher said.

At a Senate estimates hearing in October, committee members expressed concern when Airservices chief executive Margaret Staib said a credit card fraud perpetrated by a middle manager, which she put at $10,000 to $20,000, had not been reported to law enforcement authorities.

{Hmm…Ferryman & Gobbles I wonder, does this expand the pool of candidates for the author of the Heff’s ‘Dipshit’ letter??}

Is it any wonder the Senate RRAT Committee have kept this – Performance of Airservices Australia – listed as ongoing. Confused

However back to the main drawcard because that was only an appetiser from that man Higgins – Houston we have a problem Wink

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