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Have you noticed, whenever there is a major air accident there is a degree of hysteria which is out of proportion with the numbers killed or maimed. The university tragedy in Kenya killed almost as many as GW 9525; but there is no outcry and wringing of hands, demanding to have every ‘soldier’ fighting for a cause analysed. Nope; the annual road toll is horrific – but no calls to have every driver tested for psychosis or suicidal tendencies. Hospitals loose thousands a year, but there is no hue, cry or witch hunt against doctors and nurses. So why isolate pilots? Is it that many believe ‘they’ couldn’t be killed in a head on with a petrol tanker driven by someone with a death wish, drugged and without sleep for four days: or a medico, who believes he is the angel of death. No, no fear there. Fear of flight is bound by the mysteries and spoon fed by mystique of flight safety, promoting a need constant reassurance. This is done by ‘law’ and science and spin and all the other hoop-lah of governmental issued placebo.

The only result I can see emerging from the current mass neurosis is more intrusive medical interference, to no purpose.   More legal mumbo-jumbo, to no purpose.  More box ticking and much, much more ass covering.  This, all to satisfy the public need, is to be loaded onto the shoulders of the guy (or guyette) driving the bus. More stress, more restriction and much more incentive to bury, out of sight, any and all problems which may, perhaps, arouse suspicion; or, worse, draw an accusation from pure spite, malice or even a desire to gain kudos.

Think on, for it has all been done before; a man and wife split up after a tempestuous relationship; she is bitter and not in control of all faculties, he has behaved badly in response. She rings the aviation authority, says he is a whack job and the man is grounded, just like that.  Based against an unsubstantiated claim, from a domestic brouhaha.  All true” PAIN has the case notes on file; it was a long, hard, frustrating road back to work for that man. I can cite other cases where the accused has, without benefit of doubt been through hell, defending against a heavily biased, unsubstantiated accusation. It would be a travesty to allow anyone to be accused and penalised without benefit of natural justice and a cart load of rock solid evidence which meets all legal prescriptions, before any action is taken. You say I’m crazy – fine; now prove it. Protection of constitutional rights is imperative. If I have a right to pursue happiness, then by the same token, if being sad or depressed makes me happy, who is to gainsay my rights

I fear that the backwash from the Germanwing tragedy will take us to this level as manufacturers, government and other vested interests react to public opinion rather than taking a measured view. The Spanish Inquisition had this down to a fine art – as did the French during their bloody revolution “J’accuse” and you are toast, head in a basket or, hanged: it was not ever allowed to be an argument the accused could win.

Please gods of wind and sky, let us have no more than a need for there to be no less than two in the cockpit; let that be an end to the knee jerk; for anymore would make the lives of 99.99999999% of sane aircrew borderline, intolerable and will lead to real depression and the hiding of more medical issues. Please, carefully consider all the options and repercussions.  The Lombard code of 643 states:

“Let nobody presume to kill a foreign serving maid or female servant as a witch, for it is not possible, nor ought to be believed by Christian minds.”