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A twiddle – Of Hero’s and Villains. – AP Forum version.

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“What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty! In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god! The beauty of the world. The paragon of animals.”

If only Hamlet’s words reflected the real world of mankind. I have long suspected that the adoration of our very few real ‘Hero’s’ is fed by an unobtainable desire to have the properties which make up heroism. The feet of clay most folks walk around on are in the ascendency; mean, venal, self interested, dangerous, greedy etc. – all the seven deadly sins loaded into one small package. Few and far between are the ‘truly’ selfless; take a look at the Parliament for an example. There is an arena from which a true hero could emerge, a statesman with no other ambition than to see this country be a safe, prosperous, progressive land of a free people and make it a life’s work. Alas; he would be outvoted and out manoeuvred at every whip and stitch. And to our shame, we allow, pay for and even cast our precious votes in support of those who’s motivation is questionable, who’s allegiances are questionable and who’s consciences appear, at best to be malleable. In days gone by, when a man swore an oath or made a promise; his next step was not to race off to the lawyers to find out how to avoid the words spoken – it was a matter of honour to hold that oath. The current system seems only to pay lip service to honour, integrity and ‘public service’ the notion of ‘leadership’ having long been abandoned in the pursuit of power, influence, and of course, the daemon dollar.

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How long has it been since we had a ‘transport minister’ who accepted any responsibility for aviation? Have we ever had a minister who did not Kow-Tow to the harmful, often bizarre edicts of the ‘authority’? When was the last time a ‘minister’ put a stopper in the CASA genie bottle? Aye, it’s been a good long while now since a minister even showed the slightest interest in matters aeronautical; a good long while. Which is why we have an autocratic ‘department’ which is, by it’s own admission above the law, beyond parliamentary control and completely capable of telling any Senate committee to go boil it’s head – with impunity.

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Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest? – Henry II

Unlike Henry II, the Senate cannot be easily rid of their nemesis. They wouldn’t know where to start – even if there was a will to accept the ultimate responsibility for aviation and ‘safety’ (whatever that may be). The Senators most certainly have the power to disband CASA; the Kiwi’s grasped the nettle; drew a line and started all over again – and they seem to not only have survived the surgery, but are thriving on it. But then, men of honour, integrity and a genuine interest in the nations well being made that happen. The NZ CAA which was torn down was nowhere near as dangerous a beast as CASA is today. Now is the time for reform; aviation is teetering on the brink of destruction – even Qantas is deserting the country of it’s birth; just to survive.

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What about it Senators? Will you roll up your sleeves and get the desperately needed reform of the regulator moving; or, will you sit at Estimates, frustrated while the likes of Aleck, Carmody and Walker publicly take the Mickey Bliss. Publically, on Hansard video, making mock of yourselves, your recommendations and render your clumsy questions nugatory? Our national notion of a ‘fair go’, freedom and democratic governance is in jeopardy. Your call.

I accept it will be difficult to put the Angel Flight contretemps in second place – elections, emotive issue, the Bush, drought, flood, fire and all the other serious issues which have been allowed to escalate. – Did I previously mention control burning? Or; preserving the abundance of water the wet provides this dry land – probably not. No matter: they are big, grown ups problems, requiring brains, balls and the leadership qualities our politicians seem not to have. I digress. Should those ‘big’ problems be too much to manage; how about tackling a couple of smaller issues; just to get your heads around the swearing of oaths, keeping to that oath and governance. Let’s see; an easy one to start you off. Uhhm!

I know; tall buildings inside the mandated minimum runway width. Tall buildings with lots and lots of innocent voters inside, working, shopping, eating – all completely uninsured – if not now, they sure will be when the case comes to court room. A feast, a veritable cornucopia of fees for the legal fraternity, not too much fun for those involved – those that survived the holocaust of fire, jet fuel, no emergency plan and the roof falling in that is. Men, women, children – sacrificed on the altar of greed, a fast buck and making ‘useful’ friends along the way. The Essendon DFO accident was, is and likely to remain a national disgrace, provided nothing is done by the men and women elected to honour their obligations to the general public.

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It has been said:

“that for evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing.” ― Charles Aked 

(Careful P2; try Aked). P2 –  Big Grin 


It is no wonder ‘evil’ is winning the rubber – the ‘good men’ are few and far between, thin on the ground and scared to speak out; lest they offend somebody. I am somebody and I am offended, deeply and grievously, by those who do nothing but use the system to their own ends. That minister is definitely  ‘UN-Australian’.

Aye well; the dogs neither know nor care; they know my coffee mug is empty, that I’ve just put out an illicit smoke and I’m looking for my boots – time to go out. That is a promise I always keep – easy enough to keep promises; you just have to practice a little – it’s amazing how good you get at it, with patience. Deep and dark are the woods of promises.

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