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It’s been noted with interest that the much admired and respected Ms. Nancy Graham Director of the ICAO Air Navigation Safety has become a leading light in her advocacy for fairness to those left behind, awaiting news of MH 370.  Like many reasonable folk, she expresses concern that the spirit and intent of both the MC99 and now dated Warsaw convention are being disturbed by the wide spread use of ‘extreme’ legal interpretation.

PAIN understands Ms. Graham is to meet the MH 370 families to discuss the battles ahead and to try and ensure that the desperately needed speedy resolution is forthcoming; in the hope that the trauma may be reduced as much as humanly possible.  Ms. Graham has made an appeal to the UN for unity and compassion; what a lovely thought in this day and age.

It is passing strange though that apparently ICAO have no knowledge of the Pel-Air ditching, the Senate inquiry, the Rev Forsyth’s independent review, or the TSBC peer review.   Perhaps when she meets the McComic at a cocktail party, she may ask why two serious, controversial, fatal accident were not reported to ICAO.  Neither the fatal Canley Vale accident (VH-PGW) nor the nearly fatal Norfolk Island ditching (VH-NGA) appear in the accidents listed – see research links below.  For if this apparent double omission is proven accurate, it will go a long way toward explaining some of the unbelievable actions of the Australian safety agencies.  There’ll be hell to pay if the duck up of the cover up went as far as fooling ICAO; the Senate is one thing, ICAO funded by the USA is quite another.  Can’t wait to see Merdek deal with that hot little potato; Heff will go nuts.

It is also passing strange that McComic’s #1 willing accomplice (Wodger) was in control of the CASA end of both accident investigations; and, that both the ATSB reports were met by howls of outrage and cries derision, which bounced off Doolaly Dolittle like water, off the proverbial ducks back.

What we do know – Ms. Graham was genuinely intrigued by the previously unknown story of Karen Casey and the survivors of the NLK ditching; the long stretch of a 1929 law being used to delay, bully and confound the compensation claims for the survivors.  Ms. Graham will investigate the tale further as she simply cannot understand why this incredible story was unknown to her.

What we suspect – Vardy from the TSBC may get a WTF call; the McComic pug marks on the episode will be looked at; and, with any luck at all, the Uriah Heep of accident investigation may end up with just a few more questions to answer.

I find it most refreshing that someone like the inestimable Ms. Nancy Graham would take the time, find the humanity and compassion to take a call from Karen, spend time discussing the event and agree to do a little digging.  It’s not how the world should be though, is it? – if the ATSB had done the right thing, if the CASA had done the right thing, there would be no need for the ICAO top brass to become involved.  Shame on a once proud nation, top marks to Ms. Graham.



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