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PAIN lodged with the Senate committee a serious objection to ATSB and Sangston investigating the Pel-Air report – here; in that document the ICAO rules are mentioned with regard to Directly Interested Parties (DIP).  It believe it’s time to stop pissing about and for those DIP, those with lots of skin in the game to assert their right to be involved.  Australia has an obligation, certainly; but China has a very direct interest.

Quote:“China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move the world.”  Bonaparte

Perhaps it’s time the sleepy dragon flexed it’s political muscles and took an active role.  Clever folk the Chinese, industrious, intelligent and not without influence. Either that or find a honest, independent broker to manage the whole shooting match.  This is a SAR job, pure and simple not a political points scoring opportunity.  FFS – the relatives of 240 people must, at the very least, be entitled to a honest appraisal; good news or bad, no matter; with the truth they can at least move forward, not remain trapped, in a time warp, waiting, waiting.

But if I were one of the waiting, I would hate to think my happiness and well being relied on either the ATSB or it’s masters.

P 9.