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In good faith. That is quite a serious and ‘binding’ statement. It implies, amongst other things, that one may believe that the purveyor, be it of goods, services or information, is Kosher (Halal if it pleases); in other words – is genuine, honest, trust worthy, ridgey didge, sound, true blue, fair dinkum and all the other one thousand and one methods of expressing faith, trust; and, an expectation of decency from ones fellow man (or Spousal Equivalent Unit). The most decent of human kind, unless under orders or duress, will behave in the ways of good faith and honesty: ‘less they’re bent. Caveat Emptor. One of the two problems I have dealing with the MH 370 tragedy is the absence of believing – in good faith.

Warning – ramble impeding ..

The other, slightly more oblique is the escalating notion that both search and responsibility for the decisions made are Australia’s. I could live with that precept: provided Angus Houston and JAAC were ‘front running’. But they are not; certainly not publicly, it’s all ATSB, Dolan and the ‘Australian’ Dolan decisions. The Australian ATSB – this; the Australian ATSB that – all bollocks, all smoke viewed through mirrors. But the world media are now quoting ‘Australia’ as the guiding light, Dolan the decision maker, banker and search ‘Boss’. – Bollocks – If they only knew eh? Dolan could not: not on his best day; find a cat, in a cathouse with a candle. Would someone remind me just who’s aircraft is lost, who is responsible for providing fact, data and such evidence as is available? I seem to forget.

I despair (well worry – a bit, sometimes) when I see hard work, honest thought, careful consideration, solid logic, nice calculation and freely donated intellectual property, fruit of countless man-(and woman)- hours unstintingly donated being denigrated as the imaginings of ‘tendentious bloggers’ and other riff raff. The great, the good, the bad; and, even the self serving, wise ideas – all cast against the Dolan indifference and arrogance. Publicly dismissed, by him, without consideration and it is not even his call. Where are the Malaysian representatives, their experts, those responsible for analysing, then rejecting or adopting the better notions and standing by those decisions; – look toward the back door.

The Malaysians are already heading toward the shadows, as Australia is eased more and more into the spot light glare; they’ll be out of the back door as soon as the brawl starts. Someone should have a quiet ‘word’ with the PM. Forget grabbing the headlines; do not; not for a moment think you can win the bout (or votes) by competing in this arena. How long do you think it will be before the blame for a lack of progress, or searching in the wrong area becomes Australia’s fault because the wrong man, made the wrong decisions; or, rejected a valid theory. It does not have to be true; not for the press and what a handy scapegoat we will make, when push inevitably comes to shove. Indeed, if this is a criminal act, then all bets are off. Stop the search until it is known what was actually done, by who, to whom, why and who paid the bill.

If the current search is standing down for the winter; the Malaysian government could use the down time to call up a think tank, examine every bit of evidence, fact and theory, Correlate, compare, cross check and test, then use that data to re define the search area, accept the responsibility for making that decision and ‘front’ the project. Better that than allowing the blame to fall squarely in Australia’s lap.

All the protection Australia needs is prescribed in ICAO Annexe 13, perhaps someone could read it and just this once, then use it, exactly as it is intended to be used.

End of ramble.. Toot-toot..