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AP_13 – The article –HERE – from AMROBA and support documents–light a candle in the darkness which not only foreshadowed the Truss response to the Part 145 MoS being sent back to the workshop, but ignites the fuse of general concern that Truss and his minions are going to do as little as possible to effect the reforms to the CASA recommended by the Senate and Forsyth inquiries.

Make no mistake, the need for CASA reform is absolute, imperative and urgent. If the Australian government will not enforce what is, in effect a mandate from industry, then outside help must be sought.

There are some pretty grim rumours on the wind; more and more people are beginning to express small doubts about the fragile government will and the influence of the ‘department’ on that miniscule, fleeting moment of clarity where the need for reform of CASA was publicly acknowledged. One of the gravest concerns being discussed is the Skidmore ‘attitude’ to the CASA board, many are beginning to feel uncomfortable with the Skidmore style; perhaps it’s a good idea to mention that despite his alleged ‘combative’ stance, the bored can fire his arse. It is also timely to remind the DAS that the Board, Senate and industry want real reform, preferably within our lifetime; not to do so will incur, once again the wrath of industry. Next time, make no mistake that anger will be transmitted to the world.

Merde’k has underestimated this will previously, to the international detriment and embarrassment of the government, the ATSB and the CASA. You can actually fool some of the people, some of the time. The problem is those who are content with the promised offering of reform will not, not for much longer, be fobbed off with window dressing, tinsel and empty promises.

The industry mandate is clear enough – Now get on with it…Properly, as requested and required.


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