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14 Feb

As another one bites dust, the credibility of the Unspeakable Prune sinks lower as a reputable voice for industry and passengers alike.  The quote below is from the Air_Asia incident thread; one of many similar offerings, an honest opinion, provided for discussion but rubbed out, lest it not fit the approved template. HarryMan… “what the […]

By George, some have got it

10 Feb

Bravo – Finally, some sense from two Prune posters.  At long last, after only 3181 posts, sweet logic, pragmatic professional thinking and cool sense prevail; finally.  Halle-bloody-lujah… 😀 .. Ian W – Pprune – At one stage in my ‘career’ I qualified as an ISO-9000 auditor. One of the things that was expressed to me […]

TransAsia – Consider options

08 Feb

Ben Sandilands Posted February 7, 2015 at 1:53 pm | Permalink An experienced pilot who doesn’t wish to comment in his own name or using an alias has offered the following perspective, which I think makes some persuasive observations: When I did my multi engine rating, my instructor strongly emphasised that the actions after engine […]