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If at first, etc.

20 Feb

Seems we have some gremlin helpers :- We shall try again. No doubt many are wondering what the Pel-Air ‘fuss’ is all about. PAIN has decided to release part of the briefing suite provided to the Senate. Our objections to the proposed re-investigation of Pel-Air. – HERE.  PAIN -the outrageous Canley Vale report – HERE. […]

Ghosts of Christmas past.

18 Feb

There are two forecast developments which were, soon or late, expected to become important; they are now getting a little oxygen. Here and Hear.   For the true devotee of genuine conspiracy or truly juicy scandal, there are no short cuts – but the research will pay dividends.  Start – HERE.    The discussion is IMO […]

Did Australia mislead ICAO over the Pel-Air crash?

17 Feb

Ben Sandilands @ Plane Talking – the best of all tendentious bloggers asks one of the many big questions.   It beggars belief that after the unholy mess McComic left behind in Australia; the only support group for his ICAO appointment is the Department of murky Machiavellian land deals, manipulation, influence peddling and obfuscation.  More on […]

Sunday snack menu.

14 Feb

The Des Ross article – HERE – is worth the time taken to read.  You do not have to believe it all; however, the questions posed are valid and they have not, as yet been answered.  Some of the reader comments are aggressively framed, unnecessarily so IMO, the man has taken the time to examine, […]


14 Feb

As another one bites dust, the credibility of the Unspeakable Prune sinks lower as a reputable voice for industry and passengers alike.  The quote below is from the Air_Asia incident thread; one of many similar offerings, an honest opinion, provided for discussion but rubbed out, lest it not fit the approved template. HarryMan… “what the […]

A story told by silence.

13 Feb

Another dot emerges from the Unspeakable Prune picture as a further 24 hours roll by and despite the wide publication of what is ‘good news’ for Angel Flight, nary a word has been published on the UP website. The silence reflects the type of comment being attracted and the topics favoured by those who sit […]

#Whodunnit & Why : Chapter 3.5 – In the eyes of the investigator & TOE

12 Feb

Who dunnit and Why : Chapter 3. It is widely believed that before Re-o-Cur Dolan, darling of the SMH lunch crowd and psychic researcher of the MH 370 tragedy, is allowed to slither off, clutching his golden parachute, fur lined jock strap and hand crafted golf ball warmers; there are some serious questions which must […]

By George, some have got it

10 Feb

Bravo – Finally, some sense from two Prune posters.  At long last, after only 3181 posts, sweet logic, pragmatic professional thinking and cool sense prevail; finally.  Halle-bloody-lujah… 😀 .. Ian W – Pprune – At one stage in my ‘career’ I qualified as an ISO-9000 auditor. One of the things that was expressed to me […]

Who-dunnit and why

09 Feb

Senator Fiona Nash, keeper and minder of ‘Pete’ the agnostic pot plant is one of the  acknowledged favourites of the IOS was the last in a long list of people who have asked ‘the question’.  Every single member of the Senate committee which investigated the Pel-Air debacle, the Rev. Forsyth and even the Canadian TSBC […]

TransAsia data

08 Feb

Both Taiwan’s Aviation Safety Council and Civil Aeronautical Administration (CAA), both deserve praise and are setting an example.  Within a very short space of time, they have confirmed the ‘Tower – Flight’ transcript and provided as much reliable flight path and technical data as is possible, considering the circumstances.  Well done Taiwan… The graphics provided […]

Fairwell & Godspeed

08 Feb

Tribute to Sally! Shane (aka Justiceseeker),Sad time of the year for you mate (approaching the ninth anniversary of the Lockhart River tragedy), will miss your 10pm phone rants and your posts/PMs as JS (and your other more illustrious alias..). Perhaps my post from the infamous (original) Senate thread highlights your tenacity for seeking Justice for […]

8. Feb, 2015 Is Eddie Dean a troll (Creamy seems to think so) ?? – Stby for IOS verdict.

08 Feb

Quote: Slatts11, it would appear that Nick got his 15 minutes of fame over the senate inquiry and has now moved on to bigger and better things. Eddie I’m not so sure about that, have a look here: Quote: Senator Xenophon queries political donations by regional airline Rex INDEPENDENT senator Nick Xenophon has called large […]

Norfolk ditching Round 2

08 Feb

more news» The Last Minute Hitch: 6 February 2014 New Format to add Challenge to 2015 Red Bull Series Australia to get busy with WOAW B-52s to return to Australian International Airshow ATSB to feel PAIN over Pel-Air Investigation 19 Jan 2015   A confidential group known as the Professional Aviators Investigative Network (PAIN) has […]

TransAsia – Consider options

08 Feb

Ben Sandilands Posted February 7, 2015 at 1:53 pm | Permalink An experienced pilot who doesn’t wish to comment in his own name or using an alias has offered the following perspective, which I think makes some persuasive observations: When I did my multi engine rating, my instructor strongly emphasised that the actions after engine […]

Nearly Christmas eve; in the briefing room

07 Feb

Santa and the elves were all busy, so much to do. The flight planning and flight following elves were flat strap, not only were there new war zones to avoid, volcanoes, RVSM airspace, ADSB airspace and new narrow roof top landing limits to comply with; but the Indian ocean had developed it’s own version of […]

The clandestine arts; Australian style

07 Feb

The quote below was cribbed from the unspeakable web site: Frank Arouet – “Also, reading between creampuff lines points me to certain lawyer with past history with ‘firies’ and credit cards. Townsville refueller’s mates daughters uncle, reports someone has some sworn written dynamite to chuck around with this one too.” A while back now, the […]

The Unspeakable Pprune

06 Feb

Welcome to our New Website … It’s complete! 🙂  and more blog posts to come! … Please feel free to comment and share… We note the unspeakable Pprune web site continues it’s mindless descent into becoming a bland, politically correct, edited, moderated and censored mouthpiece for the ‘vested interest’ society.  At least on the Australian […]

The World at the back of the room!

06 Feb

Quote: Sunny: Net result of CASA corruption and incompetence will be higher insurance premiums for Australian registered aircraft compared to other developed countries. Which supports the BRB hypothesis that M&M & co seek to decimate the GA industry in this country… On a slightly different tack I noticed some interesting obs by Dougy in his […]

Lock up your daughters, hide your gold.

06 Feb

Lock up your daughters, hide your gold. Beware world – the ex director and author of the great Australian aviation tragedy McComic  is vying for a seat at ICAO.  First Australia, then world domination by a man who created the infamous Cathay Pacific 49′ ers saga, engineered the great Pel-Air duck up, compromised the industry […]

Tendentious Bloggers Association & IOS – Archive

05 Feb

Day 2 – PelAir v Karen Casey & Dr David Helm via Anthony Klan Pilot lashes out at air-safety watchdogs’ crash report February 04, 2015 12:00AM Anthony Klan Journalist Sydney THE two government agencies responsible for policing aviation “publicly lied” about the full circumstances of a 2009 Pel-Air crash off Norfolk Island, the plane’s pilot […]


05 Feb

It’s way too early for technical theory and chest beating hypotheses; but a little operational ‘savvy’ may provide the first clues.   Finally, I found a soupcon of calm, professional analysis on Pprune. BG 47 – “If you look at the flight route that was posted above, it looks like the crew was attempting to follow the […]

Ventus: “There is no evidence your Honour..”

03 Feb

NB: The following is a Prune NFI thread post from ventus45 submitted this am (03/02/15)..  halfmanhalfbiscuit Quote: CreampuffYou don’t know, for sure, what weather information was transmitted to and understood by the crew.What we do know, for sure, is that there were patent errors in the weather information transmitted to NGA, and that there are […]

How the game is played

02 Feb

The end game of the Pel-Air debacle is about to played out in the Australian courts today; they provide a demonstrated, documented and examined insight into what can happen in the aftermath of an accident investigation.  The events which have occurred and continue to generate outrage in Australia provide some unpalatable food for thought for […]

@P2 for Ziggychick – “Go you good thing!”

01 Feb

Mighty Pissed Off: Take Two… An old post for some clarification. I believe that now is the time for all the trolls and moderators to dig deep, some very deep, into their humanity strand of DNA. Understandably some are more evolved than others, very clear from the eyes that’s that have seen the absolute evidence […]