A Gold Star Plug.

Perhaps more than any other, Australian Flying Magazine, it’s editorial team and management courage are doing their level best to ‘foster and promote’ flying in this wide brown land. The big end of the media, like the Australian with a few outstanding examples (Higgins for one) for some strange reason seem too afraid to address the serious difficulties aviation in Australia faces. It is very much in the public’s interest to know how their tax dollars are used to ensure ‘safety’ and promote the myths. Half baked, candy coated stories spun from the dross of press release, hidden behind a paywall fail to impress. There are some seriously ‘rock you’ tales out there – but they fail to get beyond the latest CASA PR blurb. Australian Flying Magazine does.
Of particular note is the support the ‘Last Minute Hitch’ receives from his masters; who must tread a fine line. Hitch is mostly ‘balanced’, proactive and tries hard to be clear sighted. Well done that man; which earns a Tim Tam. But the gold star has been awarded for a less obvious reason. His ceaseless efforts to ‘unite’ the diverse, awkward, often contradictory opinions of the various alphabet soup groups into a cohesive, unilateral declaration how to resolve the crisis Sport and Reactional flying finds itself in. For example the pointless RAOz and AOPA wrangle: there must be common ground enough to present a united approach to situation – Hitch at least tries to find that small plot of ground.
The subscription to Oz Flying is a modest one; in Aunt Pru’s opinion, the expense is well justified, just for a good read - if nothing else.
Two options – Great Magazines – or - Isubscribe.

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