Australian Aviation - Magazine.

Stumbled over a couple of very good articles, quite by accident on line from ‘Australian Aviation’. For example – Gliding Club troubles.
AA – “However, soaring rent prices could soon see them shuttered. Sydney Metro Airports have proposed increases of 225 per cent and 550 per cent, respectively, for the two clubs, which, according to SCGC club president Justin Couch, is “untenable”.
There is some ‘good stuff’ published in the mag. If you have a spare moment, have a browse.

Camden???...a new housing estate perhaps, or an industrial estate in the offering?

Large donations to the political elite should see a bipartisan vote to circumvent the Lease,
but then since when have any of them adhered to it anyway.

Mc bank got all the money back they spent buying the three airports by selling
Hoxten, needed a bit of film flam to dodgey the titles but.
Be interesting to see how much Camden is worth to the development sharks.

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