Ads; Spam and 'Bots'.

We have had a little problem with various, nefarious types of people who try to place 'junk' on this site. Please, if you can, run some sort of Ad blocker and protection. The last 'Hack' cost a fair wallop to fix and we notice there are more 'trackers' and 'advertisements' hanging about the site.

Aunt Pru does not carry any advertisement at all - so if you see one, please let us know.

We seem to have inherited a team of supposedly harmless 'crawlers', which should not concern the fastidious.  We do our level best to keep the site 'free and clear' - but, should you encounter anything 'not Kosher' let us know - soonest.

That's it - take care.

Cheers P7 -a.k.a. TOM..

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