2019 and the Election.

(05-19-2019, 08:37 AM)thorn bird Wrote:  Caught an interesting moment on sky news before the election.
One of their commentators was asking people in the street who the prime minister was, who the opposition leader was and who the deputy prime minister was.
Most people had no trouble naming the first two, not a single one could name the latter.
Perhaps "Minuscule" is a very apt nickname.

It’s quiet - Too quiet.

You have to wonder at the ructions going on behind the closed doors of politics; back stabbing, bitch slapping and even hair pulling as the wrangle for position ensues. It is about as entertaining as watching paint dry – however; there is one grudge match we should be watching with interest. Joyce v Whatsisname – (the idiot from Wagga).

There was, a while back a deal brokered between Albo and Balmy – aviation related; which had a chance of making some much needed changes. Well, it looks like Albo has won the Labor blood bath: which puts half the deal back on the table. Which leaves the chair on the other side empty. Seems to me that the voters have forgiven Balmy’s sins – he had a thumping majority – clearly demonstrating that his constituents at least think he’s the ‘right stuff’.

It leaves two questions unanswered; obviously will the Nats have sense enough to reinvest in Balmy and; the big one, if he gets a shot – will he keep is word on aviation reform? The general feeling is that Albo will keep his end of the deal – he knows CASA misled him and the infamous ‘White paper’ was rubbish. That should be motive enough – which only leaves the government side swinging in the breeze.

Prayer mats out, and beg the pagan gods of your choice that McComical is shuffled off to ‘Flowers and Candy’ and Balmy gets the gig. Then, perhaps, maybe – something - anything - will get done and matters aeronautical get the long overdue government attention it needs.

So say the silent majority of aviation folk. We had one of the mates in the pub knock out a little ditty for government minister who actually gets things moving in the right direction:-

Toot – toot   Big Grin

Stumble at the first hurdle…

I note that the inestimable Fawcett Esq has been shuffled out of the new ‘ministry’ which may be a disappointment for him; although hardly a set back. It is the transport and/or defence ministry which will end up missing his acumen, common sense and clear vision. Their loss could be aviation’s gain. – Which is bloody marvellous for aviation; provided he is allowed to pick up the gauntlet. Not appointing Fawcett as even a junior minister for aviation is – IMO – the first mistake the new PM has made; the second is allowing McCormack anywhere near it.

[Image: r0_0_5184_3456_w1200_h678_fmax.jpg]

One day Australia will be caught “with it’s aviation pants down”. A stich in time saves nine; my Granny always said; and it has proven to be good advice. Time and time again.

Little doubt that time will tell the story; it always does.

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