Is CASA cooking the books?

Interesting legislation which came out a year after the Rossair crash in which CASA were testing the chief pilot for check and training and the chief pilot was checking an inductee pilot. Which comes first - the chicken or the egg?

Of course they are.

And, they’re bloody good at it. It is getting to the stage (and I’m only half kidding) where you will need a minder to help you take a leak, just to make sure you hit the pot (50 penalty points a miss), then ensure your alcohol and sugar levels are within legal limits (50 penalty points and expensive further medical testing) and; to finish the job properly to check that you have managed to zip (or button) up properly – sexual harassment is part of the safety ethos.

But, you know all of this; attention to the minute detail while skirting the real CASA generated problems and avoiding responsibility for that is the greatest make work party this country has ever known. There is only one ‘safety’ they are interested in – and that’s the safety of their own rice bowls and prosecution results of the defenseless to justify their miserable existence.

Toot – toot.

And of course they flatly deny there's any 'cooking'.

I'm surprised how quiet you all are. I thought I'd get a few more responses to this.

No little one, the gubbins is on other threads. Not too many 'quiet' folk here; particularly where CASA is concerned.

Take care..

An answer to choppagirl

Frau Choppa said;

“I'm surprised how quiet you all are. I thought I'd get a few more responses to this”

Not quiet my little impatient one, just trying to keep up with the issues and ineptitude of our Minister for Transport and Obsfucation and his three pathetic alphabet soup agencies.

To answer your question as to which comes first - the chicken or the egg, the answer, when it comes to CAsA, is neither. They are happy to start in the middle and work forwards, start at the end and work backwards, start at the end and finish at the end. There is no rhyme, reason or methodology to what they do, other than everything they touch gets fecked up.

Here at AP we’ve seen it all with CAsA - unworkable regulations, coverups, legislation brought in at midnight on Christmas Eve, mistakes, corruption, vindictiveness, bullying, throwing of herrings and sheer ineptitude. Please feel free to add to the list. Nothing shocks us and nothing surprises us.

Add Rossair to the list of ‘strange events’ along with the Essendon DFO crash, Lockhart River Metro accident, PelAir accident, Polar Aviation grounding, Barrier Aviation grounding, Bruce Rhoades pineappliing etc etc etc, and you start to see that there is so much shit to wade through that it would take a lifetime of work just to find something positive about CAsA and their shenanigans.

All for one and one for all

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