Sen. D. Fawcett - Legend.

Time – gentlemen, please.
Time we honoured David Fawcett Esq. This quietly spoken, modest man of faith has never once faltered in his ‘mission’ to bring fair play, common sense and decency into the aviation arena. This ethic, combined with a consummate, highly trained, specialised knowledge of ‘matters aeronautical’ make him a formidable weapon in the quest for regulatory and ‘safety’ sanity.
Tonight’s Estimates episode just one of the many where sensible, serious questions, going to the heart of the matter were, once again asked. A champion of Night Vision equipment, despite CASA loud protestations and spurious objections; a champion of CVD, neatly severing the CASA Avmed escape rope; prime mover in the Senate inquiry into Pel-Air; one of the few realising that ‘closing the loop’ on safety matters is vital. Shall I go on – NO, thought not.
If I can persuade P2 to oblige, I’d like to see a montage of Fawcett speeches and questions, past and present. Not to flatter him, you’d understand; not at all. But simply to show how an ‘expert’ views the current system and seeks to have it changed to a sensible platform on which all may work and live. The results of his efforts – so far – have been, predictably, negligible.  Even so!
Anyway, FWIW, that is the unanimous opinion of the BRB big Easter indaba; reaffirmed after today’s Estimates.

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Not many men I’d raise my hat to; not too many at all. Even fewer I'd call 'Sir'. But, Fawcett is one of those few.

BRB SDFL motion seconded - Big Grin

Totally agree with the latest BRB (big Easter) indaba and ready to oblige with one Senator Fawcett cyber montage... Wink

How about I start with DF's tireless efforts advocating for the CVD pilot's cause, which this evening in Senate Estimates got another nudge by our aviation savvy Senator:

(05-23-2017, 09:55 PM)Peetwo Wrote:  Courtesy CVDPA today... Wink

Quote:[Image: CVDPA_Email_Signature_v1.jpg]

...Senate Estimates Hearings - 23 May 2017
Senator David Fawcett has once again shown that he will not let the CVD issue rest, with further questioning of Acting CASA Director Shane Carmody during today's Senate Estimates hearings.  He asks for an update on CASA's position following the recent developments in New Zealand and the response is mildly encouraging.

[Image: 0807f6db-dedf-450c-81f1-a069d0bc0a97.jpg]

CVDPA Seeks Legal Advice on Future Federal Court Challenge
Whilst we would prefer that a positive outcome to CVD matters in Australia will be achieved through one (or some) of the mechanisms discussed above, we do remain somewhat cautious and sceptical due to the past track record of CASA.
It is our hope that Mr Carmody will prove us wrong over the coming months and that he will work with his counterpart in New Zealand towards getting a rational and just outcome so that our two nations can become world leaders on this subject.
However, as a back-up measure, CVDPA recently sought some preliminary legal advice from a major law firm and barrister regarding the possibility of a future legal challenge in the Federal Court in the event that our negotiations with CASA fail.  Unlike the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), the Federal Court has far greater powers and may determine if a particular law is being applied correctly.
In our case, we would likely be specifically focusing on CASA’s use of the CAD test for the purposes of simulating an operational situation as required by CASR 67.150 (6)©.  It is self-evident to any reasonable person that this test does not simulate anything, let alone an operational situation which would be encountered in an aviation environment.  It is merely another clinical colour vision test that in no way determines the ability of a CVD pilot to be able to demonstrate competency and operate safely.
Although these discussions are still in the preliminary stage, we will provide further updates to members if and when we elect to progress this matter further.

Your Support
Thanks to all members for your continued support and patience as we continue to work on getting these matters resolved.  We recognise that it is a frustratingly slow battle, but unfortunately that is one of the realities when faced with government bureaucracies.
At this time, we would also ask that members consider what additional financial support they may be able to offer.  Our funds are becoming depleted and require a top-up so that we can continue to maintain the momentum and reinvigorate our campaign.  All contributions, large or small, are greatly appreciated and go directly into the CVDPA trust account.  Funds are needed to cover the costs associated with travel expenses, as well as for a website revamp and of course, for possible future legal expenses should our negotiations with CASA be unsuccessful.
[Image: 1.1.jpg]Any donations can be made via Paypal or direct deposit via the link on our website below:
We look forward to your continued support in achieving the changes that are justifiably worthy of this effort.

Feel free to contact either of us should you have any questions.

Kind Regards,

Dr Arthur Pape
M:  +61 (4)12 522 394

Capt. John O'Brien
M:  +61 (4)03 704 750

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Well done Arthur & JO choc frogs all round, plus a key for the Tim Tam cupboard for Senator Fawcett... Wink

And stepping back in time... Rolleyes



Sometimes it would seem that Senator Fawcett is on a hiding to nothing with his advocacy for the aviation industry and trying to close the loop on aviation safety matters... Confused

However it would seem that the good Senator lives by the adage:

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  ... Wink

MTF? - Definitely...P2 Cool

Of scales, on the arse end of Justice.

Fawcett Esq is a man one could have a beer and quiet chat with; better know your ‘stuff’ though. We appear to have allowed a developed out of trim situation to continue and the automatic controls have packed in, spin to death spiral – if we don’t address the imbalance. Easy fix; take the auto off, use the manual trims and return to coffee. The government ‘auto’ trim has catastrophically failed; far too much weight on the one side.

Seems we are to be encumbered with 6D Darren for a while – although what use to industry a man who can’t do up his own boot laces is, I can’t work out.

Carmody, smug as a cat with a shed load of canneries, gives the game away with his use of past, present and future ‘text’; so, alas, it seems we are to be saddled with a professional bureaucrat as the latest administrative tool to run the CASA. That’s without even weighing in the ‘board’ who, along with Carmody, will drive industry even deeper into the bureaucratic abyss. I should, very much, like to hear Forsyth’s version of the ‘communication’ and arbitration claims for ASRR reform.

Hood, has the ATSB held fast in his clammy, trite grip as he ducks and weaves through the flack, skips around the fall out and does what he can to protect kindred spirits. (MTF when I’ve seen the ‘movies’).

ASA have Halfwit; gods help ‘em. (MTF when I’ve seen the ‘movies’).

So who bats for industry? It ain’t Mrdak; that we know for a racing certainty. Industry needs a counter weight, indeed must have one, lest it fall into darkness. I for one of many, many others would like to see Fawcett given a Guernsey; junior minister for aviation; or, one of those ‘Secretary’ gigs. If that was impossible then at least give him oversight of the ASRR reform process; at least that way we’ll get fair measure. Whatever, but a job with some clout and say-so. It may not right the balance, but it sure as hell would be the answer to a pagans prayer.

Must dash – Thorny’s just turned up for BRB darts and Estimates movies night; with a bucket of rocks; must be movies first then. Going to be a loooong night.

You know it makes sense - Angry

While our political elite in Can'tberra seem to be stuck in some kind of endless loop of self-interested 'Days of our Lives' drama; industry continues to be decimated by a self-serving, seemingly rudderless, bureaucratic autocracy.

Read and absorb the following from KC of AMROBA fame:
Quote:1. Governments have no general aviation policy.

We are comfortable stating this having read the BITRE GA Survey. To enable a viable safe general aviation industry to grow and provide jobs throughout Australia, the past regulatory changes additional costs imposed across aviation need to be totally reviewed. Participants know that, but governments imposed costs far exceed such costs in other countries.

Laurie Brereton was the last Federal Minister that was pushing for economic reform. Prior to the formation of the CAA, the Department was more conscious of making decisions that affected the viability of this sector. Aviation businesses all operate to a very small profit margin.

It is no longer viable for general aviation in many sectors, it is why 30% of the registered aircraft fly zero hours each year. The number of aircraft for sale have never been as high as private aircraft owners abandon a once viable industry.

This industry does not need a new government policy with every Minister, it needs a new Civil Aviation Act that will drive the changes that are required so general aviation sectors are sustainable. The Act has to be amended to require "minimum regulations and standards".

FAA Act: "Section 44701, General Requirements. This section empowers the FAA to promote flight safety for civil aircraft in air commerce. The Administrator has the duty to require minimum standards for governing practices, methods, and procedures to provide for national security and safety in air commerce."

CAAct: Section "98 Regulations etc.

(1) The Governor-General may make regulations, not inconsistent with this Act:

(2) The regulations may apply in relation to state aircraft.

(3) Without limiting the generality of subsections (1) and (2), those subsections include the power to make regulations for or in relation to the following:

(aa) the design and manufacture of aircraft;

(a) the registration, marking and airworthiness of aircraft;

(b) the manner of applying for AOCs, including the information that may be required, and the conditions to be satisfied, for the issue of AOCs;

(ba) the manner of applying for permissions under Part III, including the information that may be required, and the conditions to be satisfied, for the granting of permissions; etc. etc. etc."

Unlike the USA Act, the word "minimum" does not exist in the Australian Act therefore not limiting the need for regulations. Until government changes the Act, economic regulatory reform won’t eventuate. Another Catch 22 issue.

A sustainable aviation industry is dependent on a large foundation of participants required to support the commercial aviation sectors. A well-established internationally compliant design, manufacturing, maintenance and especially flight & maintenance training providers must exist to support a large general aviation community and commercial operators.

[Image: Untitled_Clipping_022518_083146_AM.jpg]

General aviation participants were looked at as an employment pool that provided flight crew and maintenance personnel needed by the upper two levels of commercial aviation. The size and growth in aviation is dependent on the yellow and blue level supporting the upper levels. The blue level needs to be much larger than the commercial levels above to provide the personnel required by the commercial levels. Today, it is out of balance.
Once again a well articulated and logical piece by KC perfectly highlighting the perils that continue to threaten industry while providing simple pragmatic solutions... Wink

The trouble is it is all falling on deaf ears while the Can'tberra political whirlpool threatens the listing ship HMAS Aviation without a Captain at the helm... Confused

But perhaps this could be the perfect storm, a time for industry to pester, plague and scream like banshees for what we want?

What do we want? - To change the Act.

Who do we want and who do we think could make this happen? Senator Fawcett with a firm but steady hand on the tiller... Wink

MTF...P2 Cool

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