The Carmody Hour.

Ms Spence and the Dragon.

Opening remarks.

“You can't be first dear; but you can be next.”

In the ordinary way of things, I'd be agreeing with a couple of sane, savvy comments on the UP and having a quiet chuckle; both darts accurate and on the mark:-

LB - Jonathan Aleck can’t go. He’s the only person on the planet who understands the Australian regulatory regime.

Mr Approach - An economist and a fighter pilot in charge of civil aviation safety - what could possibly go wrong?

But, and that is a tentative (sotto voce) but – no names, no pack drill – there are a couple of blokes - who's word and judgement I would bet the farm on, have actually been heavily involved in 'deep and meaningful' discussion with the Dept over a period of time now. One actually tipped the appointments over six months ago. Anyway, in their estimate the scope of discussions, the response to expert opinion and the way their opinion and logic was received augers well for industry hopes.

That's IF, as we suspect, Spence and the significant changes mooted has the backing of the heavy duty mandarins in the DoIT and PM&C etc. then perhaps, maybe in the not too distant future things may improve.

Now these blokes ain't infallible – but this is not their first rodeo either, not by a long shot it ain't. So I guess we will just have to wait and see how it pans out and put a candle in the window, on the off chance sanity is restored and can find it's way back to the barn. You never know – it may just happen – but I advise against holding your breath.

Patience, unity and a boot firmly planted on the gas pedal will help. We shall see.

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