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Nobody special

So that is the mysterious ‘Henwood’? Nothing special by any account, nothing  impressive and nothing noteworthy. Hoody has trotted out another ‘woman’ to face the camera, showing his support for the females of this world and garnishing support from the fem movement. Body language is an interesting subject. I also read some of her  previous ‘reports’. I would hazard a guess and say that she is yet another opinionated narcissist getting a rush from so-called power she has at her fingertips under the Act. She comes across as a bull-dyke with her masculine voice, stoic face, no make-up and male Investigator attire. It’s pretty obvious who the dominating alpha male is in her relationship with her partner. I did note at the beginning she paid attention to straightening the ATsB cap, proudly promoting her sponsor and trying to ensure the alphabet soup agency is imprinted in our mind. I was however surprised that the canary yellow hi-vis vest wasn’t proudly displayed, as per Hoody S.O.P’s? Perhaps they couldn’t find one that fits her??

Overall Dear Henwood, a poor performance but obviously one that you will watch over and over with family and the sisterhood as you no doubt recorded your 30 seconds of TV fame. Your score is 1/10. I give you one point for the not-so-common surname.

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