"Safeskies are empty skies" - Binger stuck on Lloyd- Err..Why??

thornbird from off the M&M thread:
Quote:Murky gets a Gong, "Services to the aviation industry"!!! Yeah right "Delusions of grandeur” would be a more apt description. He’s served nobody except his political masters, least of all the “Public” and he IS a public servant, unlike the pseudo versions that inhabit our industry wrecking ball trio of institutions he controls.

Beaker next in line?? Well look at the gibbering clown and his half-witted mate signing away whatever illusion there was left that we had an independent safety investigator.

The grubby trio of CAsA, ASA and the ATSB looking after their own self-interests at the expense of probity.

If gongs are to be awarded on the basis of failure he should have ten of them by now!!!
Over the weekend I intend to follow up on the thorny choc frog post but for now I'd like to draw attention to another 'Gong' recipient and the attention that the MMSM (Murdoch mainstream media aviation editor Binger) seems to be affording him: Queen’s birthday honours 2016: Aviator’s safe skies campaign
Quote:...Mr Lloyd has been recognised for his eminent services to the aviation industry and the role he has played in advancing air safety in Australia and around the world.

If anyone should know the safety of Australia’s aviation industry, it’s Mr Lloyd, who celebrated his 95th birthday late last year with a tandem skydive over Parliament House.
That jump, from about 14,000ft, was his fourth in a series of birthday jumps that began in 2000 with a tandem skydive to celebrate his 80th birthday.

“I’m obviously delighted with this honour but I couldn’t have done it without the help of my wife, who has been with me through the ups and downs of my career,” he says.

Considered the godfather of aviation safety in Australia, Mr Lloyd has campaigned tirelessly to make the skies safer for passengers, aircraft crew and pilots alike. He said Australia’s skies and aviation sector were by far the safest in the world.

“It’s my firm belief that in Qantas and Virgin, this country has the most safety-aware and safety practical airlines in the world.”

Mr Lloyd is the president emeritus of the Safeskies inter­national aviation safety conferences, a role he took when he lost vision in both eyes.

He is honorary governor of the Australian Sport Aviation Confederation, the president d’honneur of the Federation and Aeronautique Internationale and honorary vice-president of the Royal Aero Club of NSW.

Fair enough, credit where credit is due but I do have reservations about how truly influential the Safeskies conference is when the list of aberrations like PelAir, the Mildura fog duck-up and the latest abomination the attempted cover-up by the ATSB of the VARA ATR accident and its disturbing implications, continue to grow. How can the veracity of such an esteemed aviation safety conference really claim to be the centre of excellence in the world of aviation safety and risk mitigation while these type of incidents/accidents continue to occur right under their noses - Dodgy  

There is also many in the IOS ranks who hold very strong views on Mr Lloyd's contributions to the advancement of aviation safety in this country. Example from Frank off the UP:
Quote:Frank Arouet - Peter Lloyd.

Is that the same Peter Lloyd who has supported Angus Houston and Airservices (and, for that matter, CASA) against the interests of GA in general, and especially Sports Aviation, in matters like mandatory ADS-B (many now accept that ADS-B will become mandatory for all VFR, despite not a shred of justification).

It is admitted by Airservices/CASA that ADS-B in GA is going to cost $30.0M plus, which is unjustified by any service that will be available, the real cost will be much greater.

In all this, it seems Houston has chaired the awards committee, as well as Airservices, on the face of it, a massive conflict of interest, for Peter to have been awarded the very top gong.

It is also thought that much of this was to preserve funding for SafeSkies, and to hell with the interests of the aviation community.
All that aside, I note that today in the Oz Binger is back with another story on the 'godfather' of Australian aviation safety... Huh :
Quote:We need a warning: drones can kill [Image: fd116ee7b0d89365bdae4b1d7d8fb45a.jpg]

Peter Lloyd says CASA’s rules are not worth the paper they’re written on. Picture: Simon Bullard

The godfather of Australian aviation safety, George Alfred “Peter” Lloyd, has called for strident warnings to be included with the sale of drones to alert potential pilots to the risks they pose to people and aircraft.

Mr Lloyd is president emeritus of the Safeskies international aviation safety conferences, a role he has used across the years to lobby for better and safer regulation.

Now Mr Lloyd, who was recognised this week with an AC in the Queen’s birthday honours list for his services to the aviation ­industry and the role he has played in advancing air safety in Australia and around the world, is setting his sights on drone ­regulation.

“I’m trying to work very hard with the regulator CASA to see if we can get stronger warnings on these drones because there have been near misses with com­mercials aeroplanes in Germany and Britain, and it’s only a matter of time before one happens here,” Mr Lloyd told The Australian.

Mr Lloyd’s calls for clearer warnings as well as education on drone use come after CASA this year amended regulations to exempt commercial operators of remotely piloted aircraft weighing less than 2kg from requiring an Unmanned Aircraft Operators Certificate, which can cost thousands of dollars.

The amendments, which come into effect in September, still will require operators to obey standard flight rules, which are not to fly within 5.5km of an airport, not above 400 feet, not within 30m of buildings, railways or vehicles, and to always have visual line of sight of the drone.

CASA requires that a list of these rules is included with the sale of any drone but Mr Lloyd said they were neither strict nor clear enough in explaining the risks associated with piloting unmanned aircraft.

“I don’t think the rules that CASA includes with the sale of these drones is worth the paper it is printed on,” he said.

“We need a warning in great big red letters across the box of these drones that says: Warning, you could cause a fatality with this thing.”

CASA receives close to 30 ­reports a month about drones ­potentially breaching safety ­regulations. In the past 18 months the regulator has issued about 15 infringement notices for breaches.

CASA is working on a “comprehensive information campaign” to inform people about the changes and the safety responsibilities of operating very small remotely piloted aircraft.
Now this statement from Lloyd I wholeheartedly agree with...

"..Peter Lloyd says CASA’s rules are not worth the paper they’re written on.."

...the rest of the article I found quite bizarre, why would Mr Lloyd care that much about the risks of UAS caused by apparently relaxed regulations by CASA? Then the penny dropped when I read the following paragraph:
Quote:..Mr Lloyd is president emeritus of the Safeskies international aviation safety conferences, a role he has used across the years to lobby for better and safer regulation...
Has he indeed?? Well he has either been extremely unsuccessful in that endeavour or (as Sunny would say Big Grin ); to put that another way, he has been extremely successful in that endeavour... Confused

MTF...P2 Tongue

Ps Heads up UAS/RPA operators, boys & girls I think you may have a problem...   Dodgy

Avalon - 2019.

A Book Review; for your long weekend reading pleasure.

The Mists of Avalon.

Is a faery tale; penned by Marion Zimmer Bradley back in ’83. For a great holiday read; or, for a long wet afternoon, tucked up at home read, it is a wonderful fantasy – which never pretended to be anything more than that. Based around the myths of Camelot, Merlin, Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot it provides a ‘different’ perspective on the Arthur legend. Good fantasy, well writ and it still sells. But there is little competition in that arena.

The Myths of Avalon.

Is also a soon to be published. Not that it is much competition; the manuscript will never be published and even it if were; few would bother to read through it. You see Bradley wrote pure, believable ‘fantasy’ which fooled no one. The Three Stooges of Sleepy Hollow version is pure Pony-Pooh, masquerading as ‘fantasy’. It will impress the captive critics – they do get paid (cash or kind) to say nice things. Serious critics of finely wrought ‘fantasy’ will not bother to review the offering, knowing full well the launch is, in reality, little more than a PR stunt to extract more funds from the backers. No doubt the attendee’s will applaud in all the right places and stick around for the booze and back-slapping after the ‘reading’s. The PR Wallah’s and ‘Spin Guru’s will claim a success. But, will anyone outside the expensive marquee buy a copy? I doubt it. Most serious readers and critics will boycott the shambles. Rightly so – IMO.


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