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Breaking wind or wind of change?

23 Apr
Is DAS Skidmore just another benchwarmer?

We need to remind ourselves – this is a capital ‘B’ bureaucracy Skidmore must deal with, not democracy.  If it were a democracy then he would attract a veritable landslide majority on a reform platform; but it ain’t a democracy, is it (rhetorical). It was impressive that almost as soon as the SoI was issued, […]

Probity for MH 370 – Waiting, waiting…..

22 Apr

PAIN lodged with the Senate committee a serious objection to ATSB and Sangston investigating the Pel-Air report – here–; in that document the ICAO rules are mentioned with regard to Directly Interested Parties (DIP).  It believe it’s time to stop pissing about and for those DIP, those with lots of skin in the game to […]

MH 370 – In good faith.

20 Apr

In good faith. That is quite a serious and ‘binding’ statement. It implies, amongst other things, that one may believe that the purveyor, be it of goods, services or information, is Kosher (Halal if it pleases); in other words – is genuine, honest, trust worthy, ridgey didge, sound, true blue, fair dinkum and all the […]

Mum, why do I glow in the dark?

19 Apr

Back in the day; just after WW2 the Australian government actively encouraged all manner of aviation, realising that the sun burnt country, particularly ‘the bush’ would benefit from such activity. Alas, times have changed and from being a supported, vibrant, useful industry aviation has, through a series of downward steps become more of nuisance, than […]

An ICAO mention – Hmmm.

16 Apr

Leading Australian current affairs TV show 4 Corners on the government owned broadcaster ABC,[9] broadcast a program[10] focusing on the unfairness and injustice of excluding psychiatric injury on March 23, 2015 featuring Karen Casey, a nurse injured when the medical evacuation flight she was nursing on crashed in the waters off Norfolk Island

RE: Germanwings 9525. The statistics of sanity.

15 Apr

Great catch – from Thornbird..@ Aunty Pru.com Often wondered if they’d left the cockpit doors as they were, would this accident have happened.   I always thought the old doors were break inable so that if the pilots were incapacitated after an accident emergency crews could get to them. I guess now with a fortress cockpit they […]

Aunty Pru goes solo.

13 Apr

It has been an interesting exercise playing at nurse maid for the fledgling Aunty Pru. But from hatching to first solo flight, she has proven to be a bonny, robust, happy, cooperative charge and, barring accidents should continue to thrive. For the other ‘Mods’ and myself, the statistics have been both fascination and nightmare. When […]

Now is the time for all good men. etc.

09 Apr

Doc. Arthur Pape (bless) and the CVDPA is mounting another important challenge to the stone-age mentality of those who would, despite all evidence, logic and supportable decisions penalise those with Colour Vision Deficiencies.  This is potentially of global importance to those who can, as ICAO requires safely perform their duties.  The thread on Pprune is […]

Spellbound? not any longer.

09 Apr

One of the more subtly dangerous effects of the hypnotic voodoo spell weavers art is the deaf, dumb and blind state. Once an unfortunate is lulled into a trance, the evil can be completed with ease. The arcane ritual begins with mind numbing boredom, usually produced through reams of stultifying paper work, crafted to be […]

AMROBA a distant green light.

08 Apr

RE: Forsyth report – IOS monitoring of progress?? Ken and the fellahin. “CASA’s Mark Skidmore has rejuvenated industry representatives at the SCC meeting, 31st March. His opening speech at the SCC has provided industry with some confidence that this CASA will be a different CASA to the last 2 regimes.” This reflects two of the […]

From the grapevine.

07 Apr

There is a whisper doing the rounds that both Skidmore and Boyd are interested in and listening to unvarnished tales from the coal face. Should this prove true, then it is to their eternal credit and another beer ‘we’ owe the Senators; the worthy Reverent Forsyth should be invited to that party. The Forsyth report […]

Ignored and unreported,

02 Apr

Another Canberra gab fest extravaganza, over. I expect Doug and/or Hitch will cover the details of the recent Cantberra ‘big bash’, whether Ben decides the details are news-worthy enough for his blog time will tell. Anyway – enough coverage so anecdotes and snippets will suffice for Aunty Pru. Although not much happened; certainly nothing electrifying, […]

The statistics of sanity.

29 Mar

There are inherent risks to staying in bed all day with lights off, the door locked. There inherent risks in getting up ambling into the loo and down the stairs to cook porridge, risks in eating bacon and eggs. The risk matrix escalates as you venture out the front door into the wide world. By […]

Pandora’s box, cleverly locked.

25 Mar

The decision for PAIN to protest the Ministerial decision allowing the ATSB to re examine the Pel Air ditching was not made lightly. The associates unanimously agreed that the prospect of litigation being heard and ruled on, before the new ‘investigation’ even began in earnest and a definitive ’cause’ established which could impinge of the […]

Of wabbits, wascals and weports, Oz style.

25 Mar

The Karen Casey story from the ABC was not too bad an effort at all. It certainly is one for the ‘punters’, without who’s good will and support, Nick Xenophon could not continue with his Senate colleagues to do as much as they have done to assist the neglected aviation industry. We (collective) send a […]

# 370 reasons.

23 Mar

And an equal amount of theory to boot. I have just read the Baker theory as carefully as I have read others. My whimsical, get away from damn fool questions retort that ET got it continues to serve me well. Why? well, like Baker I too am a pilot and like most of my tribe […]

#13 RE: AMROBA lights a candle

21 Mar

AP_13 – The article –HERE – from AMROBA and support documents–light a candle in the darkness which not only foreshadowed the Truss response to the Part 145 MoS being sent back to the workshop, but ignites the fuse of general concern that Truss and his minions are going to do as little as possible to […]

Full Steam ON – Checked.

21 Mar

The Senate is now demonstrably out of government control, aviation is back where it should be – a highly political issue.  This rather than the Voodoo scripted bi-partisan bollocks we have had dribbled out over the past years; since 2008 when the Nationals, supposedly from the ‘Bush’, ably aided and abetted the destruction of many small […]

Lugging the guts.

19 Mar

To those who closely followed the Senate inquiry into the Pel-Air debacle, yesterday’s announcement, rejecting Part 145 will not surprise.  It is a promise fulfilled by a team of honest men who had their collective good will, natural forbearance, political savvy and native intelligence grossly insulted.  The Murky Machiavellian crew orchestrated that arrogant affront, supported […]

Vale Bernie Currall.

01 Mar

To our great regret and sorrow we have just been advised that the patient who survived the ditching of a Pel-Air Westwind medivac jet off Norfolk Island in 2009, Bernie Currall, has today taken her own life.  Our most sincere condolences and deepest sympathies are extended to her husband Gary and families.   We extend our […]

Ghosts of Christmas past.

18 Feb

There are two forecast developments which were, soon or late, expected to become important; they are now getting a little oxygen. Here and Hear.   For the true devotee of genuine conspiracy or truly juicy scandal, there are no short cuts – but the research will pay dividends.  Start – HERE.    The discussion is IMO […]

Did Australia mislead ICAO over the Pel-Air crash?

17 Feb

Ben Sandilands @ Plane Talking – the best of all tendentious bloggers asks one of the many big questions.   It beggars belief that after the unholy mess McComic left behind in Australia; the only support group for his ICAO appointment is the Department of murky Machiavellian land deals, manipulation, influence peddling and obfuscation.  More on […]

#Whodunnit & Why : Chapter 3.5 – In the eyes of the investigator & TOE

12 Feb

Who dunnit and Why : Chapter 3. It is widely believed that before Re-o-Cur Dolan, darling of the SMH lunch crowd and psychic researcher of the MH 370 tragedy, is allowed to slither off, clutching his golden parachute, fur lined jock strap and hand crafted golf ball warmers; there are some serious questions which must […]

Who-dunnit and why

09 Feb

Senator Fiona Nash, keeper and minder of ‘Pete’ the agnostic pot plant is one of the  acknowledged favourites of the IOS was the last in a long list of people who have asked ‘the question’.  Every single member of the Senate committee which investigated the Pel-Air debacle, the Rev. Forsyth and even the Canadian TSBC […]