“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”


It matters not how strait the gate,

      How charged with punishments the scroll,

I am the master of my fate,

      I am the captain of my soul.







CASA: Pelair 2008 audit and 2009 special audit

31 Jan

Its worth having another look at the March 2008 audit of PelAir. 1. An audit had been planned in October 2007, but this audit was terminated as the majority of pilots did not submit their logbooks. The audit was rescheduled for 12-13 March 2008. Page 3. 2. PelAir hasd been operating under a Fatigue Risk […]

A twiddle for discussion

31 Jan

When Sherlock Holmes said:-‘It is a capital mistake to theorise before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.‘ – He may well have been talking about the brouhaha surrounding MH 370.  There are as many persuasive, carefully worked out, ‘supported’ theories floating about in […]


29 Jan

From what is in the public domain, it appears the only source of information being used to define the search area is the Inmarsat data. The problem with this data is it generates a multitude of possible solutions, resulting in an enormous search area. If the current search does not turn up MH370, we will […]

Sunfish on corruption at Aviation House.

29 Jan

Could anyone be forgiven for thinking that Rex threw $250,000 at the Ministers political party, but not of course the Minister, before the ATSB report was released to make sure that the ATSB and CASA blamed the pilot and not Pel AIr for the incident?Could anyone be forgiven for thinking that Rex then threw money […]

Crikey – Planetalking

27 Jan

Crikey – Planetalking Sketchy Pel-Air crash investigation raises uncomfortable questions for deputy PM There’s plenty to worry about when it comes to crash investigation in Australia’s aviation industry — not that you’d know it from the minister’s interest in the subject. How long can Warren Truss, the deputy PM, leader of the Nationals, and minister responsible for […]

Sunfish explains

27 Jan

I am going to make the assumption that you are a genuine seeker of truth and not some troll and attempt to explain why you are completely wrong in your belief that the words don’t matter. Ultimately all CASA strategy, policy and regulation activities must conform to the intention of Parliament when they made the […]

Peeler, CASA, and ATSB – the movie

27 Jan

Top stuff @slats11 :  Someone suggested this saga could be the basis for a future Australian movie. To assist any scriptwriters out there, I offer the following: 1. There was a routine CASA audit of PelAir scheduled for October 2007. This had to be re-scheduled as the organisation could not provide sufficient paperwork to allow this […]

Sarcs inbox: OBs from the Ferryman

27 Jan

Sarcs inbox: OBs from the Ferryman Quote: Well Sarcs, since Jan 21 to date your revitalisation of the Pprune Norfolk ditching thread has generated 12,000 views. I noted yesterday there were during the afternoon some 700 (650 – 780) ‘visitors’ as against 50 (35-50) ‘members’; a quick review of the members showed 74% non commentators […]

Cui Bono

27 Jan

Cui Bono? I read with interest how many people on ‘Twitter’ are concerned with ‘human suffering’ on both a small and a large scale, selflessly, often without a prayer of changing anything.  This makes it incredibly important that when something can be done, a wrong can be righted if you like, we should whenever and […]

Cruise conversation 1

26 Jan

I agree with P9; as the PAIN network senior 777 captain there are some questions which we have been discussing amongst ourselves, we believe the answers are important.  It is the direct involvement of the ATSB rather than AMSA that provides an element of suspicion which impinges on and detracts from the credibility of any […]

And out through the daemons arse

26 Jan

And out through the daemons arse. I have now diligently head scratched, cussed and finger counted my way through many of the ‘analysis’ made of AA QZ 8501; and, apart from a headache, an urge to scream and a dire need for large quantities of amber nectar, I find there is little ‘conclusive’ being published; […]

Will the real tendentious bloggers please stand up

25 Jan

or: Willyleaks email 1313. Subject: STFU. Date:13/13/14 From: Grown up search boss. To: TB #1.Shut down that Blog and STFU you embarrassing, moronic specimen.L&K Lord A. Subject: STFU. Date:13/13/14 From: TB#1. To: Lord A. Yes Sir: Click – Comments closed. – – – – – – – – – — – – -……… Dear Mr […]